The WASHOE county curing process


What is a challenged ballot?

For those who mail in or drop off their mail-in ballots, signature verification is required for the ballot to be processed. A ballot will become challenged if the signature does not match or if the voter forgets to sign their envelope.

What does it mean to cure your ballot?

If the voter’s ballot is challenged, the Registrar of Voters begins the process to “cure” the ballot by sending correspondence to the voter to have it cured and their ballot counted. If you receive a letter stating that your ballot is challenged due to a signature mismatch, please takes the steps outlined in the letter to cure your ballot. This can easily be resolved over the phone by calling 775-328-3670.

During the curing process, the voter is asked certain questions to ensure the voter’s identity and confirm the voter filled out and returned their ballot. Once the Registrar of Voters receives verification, then the ballot is processed, and their votes are counted.

If the Registrar of Voters is not able to cure the ballot or confirm that it was the voter who returned that ballot, then that vote is not processed or counted toward final results of the election.

You can also cure your ballot through the Secretary of State’s Signature Cure website by visiting

What is signature verification?

“Signature verification” is the process of comparing the signature on a voter’s affidavit envelope with the voter’s signature in the voter registration database.

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