Ballot Questions

Ballot questions, also called ballot initiatives, are your chance to vote directly on changes to the law. Sometimes state and local governments put issues to a vote of the people, while other times citizen groups collect petition signatures to force a vote on an issue they feel hasn’t been dealt with. Learn more on this year’s ballot questions, which are at the very end of your ballot. YOU decide!

Question 1: Marsy’s Law

Would amend the Nevada Constitution to expand the rights given to victims of certain crimes by adding a victims bill of rights.

Question 2: Pink Tax Repeal

Would amend the Sales and Use Tax Act to exempt feminine products from state sales tax.

Question 3: The Energy Choice Initiative

Would change the NV Constitution to establish a competitive energy market and allow people/companies to buy and supply their own electricity instead of being required to only get energy from their local utility.

Question 4: Medical Patient Tax Relief Act

Would change the NV Constitution to make medical, mobility enhancing, and oxygen delivering equipment exempt from state sales and use taxes.

Question 5: The Automatic Voter Registration Initiative

Would create an automatic voter registration system for eligible citizens, which improves the accuracy of our voter rolls, enhances election security, and makes it more convenient for eligible Nevadans to vote on Election Day.

Question 6: The Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative

Would change the NV Constitution to call for all entities selling energy to customers in Nevada get at least 50% of their energy from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030.