Anna Albertson

Anna Albertson

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Anna  Albertson

for Clark County District Court Department 17


Candidate contact information:

Email address:

Phone number: 7026592622


Twitter: @annaalbertson4Judge





Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


I am an attorney, wife, mother, and small business owner. I have seen first hand what unfair and unjust rulings do not just to my clients but to the community as a whole.

I am qualified for the position I am running for because I have extensive civil trial experience. I also currently sit as a court-appointed short trial judge and arbitrator and have previously been a truancy court judge.

I care greatly about the community and our future and am confident I can be fair, listen to the parties that appear before me, and keep an open mind. I am someone I would want to have my case in front of if I were to appear in court as a party.


What are your views on the courts’ responsibility to uphold precedent on reproductive health care, particularly as it relates to Roe v. Wade and access to abortion as a constitutional right?


Courts must be governed by precedent and consider the individual facts and circumstances in each case.


What are your views on “human dignity,” as applied by the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Windsor (133 S. Ct. 2675), shares the same constitutional protection provided to liberty and equality rights?


The majority opinion in U.S. v. Windsor was that DOMA violated the 5th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection.


Do you believe that Brown v. Board of Education (347 U.S. 483) was correctly decided?




Would you honor the request of a plaintiff, defendant, or witness in a case before you who is transgender to be referred to in accordance with that person’s gender identity?




Describe your understanding of Newman v. Piggie Park Enterprises (390 U.S. 400) and application of this precedent to nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people in places of public accommodation.


This case addressed fee shifting and when fee shifting can occur in civil rights actions.


Have you been involved in a significant case where a primary issue was sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV/AIDs discrimination? If so, can you provide the case, venue, case number and case citation (if published decision) and your involvement?






With more and more Nevadans only one family emergency away from being unable to pay rent and maintain shelter for their loved ones, what steps would you take towards having a more equitable eviction process for Nevadans?


The eviction process will not likely be something I hear in Department 17 as that will be something heard in Justice Court. Nevertheless, the process should be fair and clear to everyone involved.


How would you ensure that criminal defendants with adverse immigration consequences attached to their cases are protected in the event the case is dismissed or otherwise resolved, so that the criminal justice system does not become a trap for the undocumented?



The justice system is not and should not be a "trap" for anyone. The court needs to focus on delivering justice fairly and equitably.



In recent years, we have seen Immigration and Customs Enforcement detain individuals as they are leaving criminal court hearings. Please describe your views on this practice.



I am not familiar with this process as a result I can not knowledgeably comment on it. I would be happy to provide a more detailed response if given more information on this issue.



What actions will you take to dismantle the school to prison and deportation pipeline? What do you see as the judiciary’s role in advancing restorative discipline practices for Nevada’s students?



Unfortunately, access to education and opportunity are not the same for everyone. We need to actively work to recognize, acknowledge, and improve the disparities that currently exist even within our own county.

The judiciary can take an active role in this not just through consideration in rulings but through actively mentoring and participating in activities for our youth. I have served as a Truancy Court Judge which is under the umbrella of the Truancy Diversion Program which is actively trying to improve school attendance.



What do you think is the most important issue or problem in the state’s justice system today, and how would you work to address it?



Inequality. We have to work harder on being fair and just. Education on bias and prejudice and actively trying to make improvements.



Do you feel that existing diversion initiatives and specialty courts are effective in meeting the needs of the community? What changes would you make to improve their effectiveness?



Specialty courts serve a useful purpose in our judicial system, but there is always room for improvement. Improvements can come through evaluation of what works and doesn't and then the implementation of changes based on those findings.



What value does cash bail bring to Nevada’s judicial system?



Cash bail is an effort to ensure that an accused criminal shows up for trial. However, it is not without controversy and there are various criticisms of most cash bail systems including the lack of consideration for a person's ability to pay.


In light of Nevada’s move to legalize recreational marijuana, what is your position on vacating convictions of individuals for marijuana possession?




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