Dawn Throne

Dawn Throne

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Dawn Renee  Throne

for Family Court Judge Department U


Candidate contact information:

Email address: dawnrenee1951@gmail.com

Phone number: 702-518-9775

Facebook: Dawn Throne for Family Court Judge

Twitter: None

Website: www.throne4judge.com 




Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


I have practiced family law in Clark County Nevada for more than 23 years, representing 100s of clients from all walks of life and in all areas of family law. As such, I have seen the damage that can be done to families by Judges who should not be Family Court Judges due to lack of relevant knowledge, lack of professional and personal life experience or a lack of compassion and respect for the parties appearing in Family Court during a severe crisis. In my role as a private attorney, I have served 100s of clients and their families and I am now ready to serve the families of Clark County as a Family Court Judge.

I am one of only 48 Family Law Specialists in the State of Nevada. I am the Vice-Chair of the Nevada Committee to Review Child Support Guidelines, I have been an Arbitrator for the Fee Dispute Committee of the State Bar of Nevada for more than 15 years and I am a member of the Southern Nevada Discipline Board. I served as a Hearing Master Pro Tem for Domestic Violence matters. As far as personal experiences that will help me as a Family Court Judge, I have been divorced myself, I am a mother, step-mother, a wife and an ex-wife and I am a small business owner. These professional and personal experiences help me understand what people in Family Court are going through and what they are looking for from a Family Court Judge. Lastly, I have the experience that will allow me to help parties utilize the tools available to help them resolve their own matters when possible and to efficiently resolve the matters that cannot be settled so that these families in crisis can move on and heal. I care about what happens to the families involved in Family Court matters and I want to help them through the difficult process, while doing the least damage to their children.


What are your views on the courts’ responsibility to uphold precedent on reproductive health care, particularly as it relates to Roe v. Wade and access to abortion as a constitutional right?


Every Judge takes a solemn oath to uphold the Constitutions of the Unites States and the State of Nevada. This includes following the rulings of the United States Supreme Court and the Nevada Supreme Court interpreting the Constitutions.


What are your views on “human dignity,” as applied by the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Windsor (133 S. Ct. 2675), shares the same constitutional protection provided to liberty and equality rights?


I believe that the Judicial Cannons prohibit a Judge or candidate for judicial office answering such a question.


Do you believe that Brown v. Board of Education (347 U.S. 483) was correctly decided?


I believe that the Judicial Cannons prohibit a Judge or candidate for judicial office answering such a question.


Would you honor the request of a plaintiff, defendant, or witness in a case before you who is transgender to be referred to in accordance with that person’s gender identity?




Describe your understanding of Newman v. Piggie Park Enterprises (390 U.S. 400) and application of this precedent to nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people in places of public accommodation.


I believe that the Judicial Cannons prohibit a Judge or candidate for judicial office answering such a question.


Have you been involved in a significant case where a primary issue was sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV/AIDs discrimination? If so, can you provide the case, venue, case number and case citation (if published decision) and your involvement?



These issues are sometimes raised in cases involving custody and visitation with minor children, but they are not a primary issue. So, no, I have not been involved in any such case.



With more and more Nevadans only one family emergency away from being unable to pay rent and maintain shelter for their loved ones, what steps would you take towards having a more equitable eviction process for Nevadans?


As a Family Court Judge, if elected, this issue would not be one I would ever decide.


How would you ensure that criminal defendants with adverse immigration consequences attached to their cases are protected in the event the case is dismissed or otherwise resolved, so that the criminal justice system does not become a trap for the undocumented?



As a Family Court Judge, if elected, this issue would not be one I would ever decide.



In recent years, we have seen Immigration and Customs Enforcement detain individuals as they are leaving criminal court hearings. Please describe your views on this practice.



As a Family Court Judge, if elected, this issue would not be one I would ever decide.



What actions will you take to dismantle the school to prison and deportation pipeline? What do you see as the judiciary’s role in advancing restorative discipline practices for Nevada’s students?



As a Family Court Judge, if elected, this issue would not be one I would ever decide.



What do you think is the most important issue or problem in the state’s justice system today, and how would you work to address it?



Lack of adequate mental health services that result in so many individuals in our State unable to obtain proper diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. These individuals are then the ones who end up stuck in endless litigation in many different venues, particularly criminal courts and family courts. This issue is difficult for Judges to address, but I believe Judges can and should encourage parties to seek out diagnosis and treatment and to explain to others in power, such as those in the State Senate and Assembly, how this lack of mental health services results in extra burdens on the courts.



Do you feel that existing diversion initiatives and specialty courts are effective in meeting the needs of the community? What changes would you make to improve their effectiveness?



Yes, I do believe that these initiatives and specialty courts are effective. I believe that they need to be expanded as they address the underlying causes of why people end up in the criminal justice system in the first place. If we address the underlying problems, then we can reduce recidivism. Then we spend less money incarcerating people.



What value does cash bail bring to Nevada’s judicial system?



This is an issue I do not have a lot of experience in since my career has been focused on family law. However, cash bail is supposed to be set in an amount that will make sure a defendant appears in court for their case. The issue then becomes one of how much is needed for a particular defendant in a particular case.


In light of Nevada’s move to legalize recreational marijuana, what is your position on vacating convictions of individuals for marijuana possession?



It is not fair for people to continue to have criminal convictions and the consequences thereof for something that is no longer a crime in our state.


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