Bob Beers

Bob Beers

Bob Beers


Las Vegas Ward 4




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2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


My background and experience is a notch above all other candidates for this post. All four candidates are Republicans, so party is not an effective guide for voters in this race.

How would you improve the City’s resources and assistance for people experiencing homelessness?

The Legislature has declared homelessness a regional problem requiring a regional solution. That is why the Legislature places responsibilities and funding in the hands of our county governments, not city.

If elected to this position, how would you help better allocate the city budget to help improve the city school system?


I support public education, graduated from the Clark County School District, and chose UNLV to pursue my college degree.

Do you support the implementation of a Human Rights Commission to address, study, and mediate possible and actual discrimination in your jurisdiction?


The City should aggressively punish actual discrimination.

What role do you see the city council playing in addressing rising housing costs and rising rent?


By examining and hopefully repealing some of the mandates in the building codes. I was able to do this on a limited extent during my previous tenure on the City Council.

Describe your views on supporting electric city vehicles and working towards reducing the city’s carbon footprint whenever possible?


The City of Las Vegas is Nevada's leader in municipal carbon footprint reduction.

What policies do you see as valuable to address inequality and to increase social mobility for residents?


Ensuring equal distribution of the benefits of living in City limits.

Describe your relationship with unions or other labor organizations and how you, if elected, would work to ensure working people have a seat at the table in economic or workforce development projects?


I have been endorsed by the Laborer's Union, and am very familiar with our workforce development projects (having served on Workforce Connections executive board).

What do you see as the most important initiative that you would like to see implemented in the community if you were elected to this position?


Reducing City taxpayers' liability that the court has ordered in the Badlands Golf Course taking. It is likely that if all the lawsuits run to conclusion that the City of Las Vegas will be ordered to pay more than its annual social services budget. I advocate the city apologize, return the land to its owners, and not pay out all the money. I have the experience and familiarity with all of the parties and issues to the suit and can bring it to a less-bad conclusion.

If elected, how do you plan to address climate inequity in the city of Las Vegas amid rising temperatures?

See the answer to the City's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.