Dian VanderWell

Dian VanderWell

Dian VanderWell


Sparks Ward 2

Campaign Contact Phone: 7757727146

Website: votevanderwell.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DianVanderWell

Twitter: @DianVanderwell

2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


I want to tell you a story about when my daughter was four years old and playing in our yard. The foreclosed house next door had been taken over by squatters who used it as a drug den. She found and accidentally pricked herself with a hypodermic needle that had washed into our yard from next door. This is what got me interested In local government, in the first place.

Now, let me skip ahead in the story so you don’t worry: my daughter is fine.

I realized that that alone wasn’t going to be enough, so I got involved, to try to prevent this from happening to anyone else. I served on planning commissions, and many other local advisory boards. Last year I was appointed to the Sparks City Council. I’m running for election now because I want to serve our neighborhoods. I want to make sure that we have clean, safe, affordable places to raise our families, and places that small businesses can thrive. There are many big and small issues that need tackling – but if there’s one thing I want you to know about me, it’s that I want to make sure our local government addresses the challenges we face from all angles, to prevent the conditions that cause these things and stop them from happening in any of our neighborhoods.

How would you improve the City’s resources and assistance for people experiencing homelessness?

The City of Sparks has the HOPE-Homeless Outreach Proactive Engagement team that works with our homeless population to get them the resources that are needed to help them into stable housing. I will continue to support this resource along with any other resources that will help our most vulnerable.

If elected to this position, how would you help better allocate the city budget to help improve the city school system?


The school system is funding from the State of Nevada.

Do you support the implementation of a Human Rights Commission to address, study, and mediate possible and actual discrimination in your jurisdiction?


Yes, and the City of Sparks formed this year the Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board.

What role do you see the city council playing in addressing rising housing costs and rising rent?


What the city can do and is doing is working with developers on all types of housing.

Describe your views on supporting electric city vehicles and working towards reducing the city’s carbon footprint whenever possible?


I need more information regarding this topic in order to make an informed answer.

What policies do you see as valuable to address inequality and to increase social mobility for residents?


The City of Sparks formed the Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board to better educate the City and council about the needs of our community.

Describe your relationship with unions or other labor organizations and how you, if elected, would work to ensure working people have a seat at the table in economic or workforce development projects?


I have worked with NNACA-Northern Nevada Apprenticeship Coordinators Association as their building trades recruiter for the past 8 years. NNACA is the education arm of the Union Construction Building Trades. When there are opportunities for participation on boards and committees I encourage members of the local labor organizations to apply to make sure they have a seat at the table. There are two members of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada that sit on the WNDD-Western Nevada Development District Board of Directors.

What do you see as the most important initiative that you would like to see implemented in the community if you were elected to this position?


Neighborhood Parks. Parks are where the community can meet with your neighbors and foster friendships.

If elected, how do you plan to address climate inequity in the city of Las Vegas amid rising temperatures?

I don't have an answer as I live in Sparks, NV.