Erin Claudine Lopez

Erin Claudine Lopez

Erin Claudine Lopez





Lyon County Clerk/Treasurer

Campaign Contact Phone: 7752239352




2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


My lifelong goal of working with Lyon County was achieved 5 years ago when I was hired for the position of the County Manger’s assistant.

Since then, I’ve been responsible for posting the Board of Commissioners agendas, writing meeting minutes, and processing legal documents after their meetings. Other tasks include being the Advisory Board Liaison. I’ve helped develop a newer structure and training, so our local advisory boards are able to better function as an extension to our commissioners.

To date, I have earned certifications as a notary, Certified Public Official, Public Management, Local Leaders Institute, and the Nevada Clerk’s Association.

Because of the rise of mis/disinformation stemming from the Big Lie, some voters feel like our elections are not secure despite the great elections/voting rights bills that were passed and signed into law. If elected as County Clerk, what would you say to voters who are second guessing the integrity of our elections?

To be informed. Visit the websites of your State and County to find meetings. Almost all meetings are on YouTube or held via Zoom. Participate, so you can understand the challenges and hear what the proposals for change are.

Hypothetical: A voter contacts you and indicates that they attempted to register to vote at the polls during Early Voting, but was turned away. The election worker states that they need to get an updated, current ID because they just moved to a new home in Las Vegas. What would you advise the voter to do?


They should find a bill, tax document, or a statement with their current address, and go back to verify they can still vote.

In light of Section 203 of the VRA, Washoe County is NOT required to provide election materials in Spanish but do so anyway. If elected, and your county is not required by Section 203, would your office translate election materials in other languages?


I believe it is important to give as much information as possible. I would do as much work as needed to make the request possible.

With the passage of AB321 (2021) and AB422 (2021), NVSOS must create and maintain a top-down voter registration system and a cooperative agreement with the Registrar of Vital Statistics. What are some things that everyday Nevadans can do to help maintain the voter roll?


Verify you and your family's information is up to date at the Secretary of State's website or at your local County office. Reporting deaths of family members.

With the passage of AB431 (2019), what efforts would your office do to ensure that Nevadans who are waiting for pre-trial or convicted of a misdemeanor, are informed of our electoral process?


To work with law enforcement, ensuring those as described, are given the information and understand the content of it.

Describe your understanding of the signature verification process and the Confidential Address Program.


The signature verification process is to match the one on file. If there none, the ballot is not counted. If there is a discrepancy, the signature must be verified by the voter before it is counted.

Under what circumstances do voters need to show an ID to vote?


If the person is registering for the first time or updating your existing voter registration after early voting begins to vote.

Describe your understanding of the certification process of electronic voting machines.


All voting machines must be approved by the Secretary of State to meet or exceed Federal standards prior to use.

What is your stance on transitioning to all paper ballot elections? And the hand count of paper ballots?

Like in all circumstances there are pros and cons. I believe there could be a greater discrepancy with the count of paper ballots due to human error. It would be more labor intensive.

How will you resist official or unofficial, public or private pressure to alter, manipulate, or baselessly reject the results of an election? How will you resist and counteract official or unofficial, public or private disinformation concerning the results of an election? How will you prevent unlawful interference with the counting and certification of election results in Nevada?

I will always put what is the right process or procedure forward.

How will you protect the physical safety of all officials and volunteers engaged in the administration of Nevada elections, from SOS staff down to volunteer poll workers?

For the county, I would advise the workers to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activity immediately. Prior to the election, there could be a safety course given to staff and poll workers.

The traditional election worker is older, retired, and does not represent how diverse Nevada’s communities are. If elected as County Clerk, what are your plans to recruit a new generation of election workers?

Advertise the need on social media and local community areas.