William “Billy” Mitchell

William “Billy” Mitchell

William “Billy” Mitchell






Clark County Commisioner, District G


Campaign Contact Phone: 702-465-6285

Website: billymitchell.info

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mitchellncccG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mitchellcccg

2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


It is Alarming the direction America has gone, I did not fight Two wars for this bull shit!

As more Nevadans are facing homelessness during the Covid-19 pandemic how do you plan on dealing with homelessness in your county?

America's representatives must be held accountable for their actions and propaganda! They cannot create and an Emergency to by pass the Untied States Constitution and Bill of rights! They are systematically destroying the American middle class or small business owners! This is Marxist Communism 101!

The Registrar of Voters/County Clerk reports to the County Commissioners. With the rise of misinformation regarding the integrity/security of our elections and threatened acts of violence towards our election officials, what would you do to combat the misinformation and how would you provide support to the Election Department?


Elected official need to be held legally accountable for incorrect information and not following through with their promises/oath! The voter machines must go!! They are compromised. No voter harvesting and Nevada Identification must be validated.

Nevada has historically protected the right to abortion, including protecting the right in statute 30 years ago by a vote of the people. However, there remain barriers to access in the state. Do you support not only the right to abortion but policies that improve equitable access to abortion care?


I believe every American has the freedom to choose what happens to their body! This does not mean American tax payers must pay for their bad decisions. The only caveat is medical issues that may risk a persons life!

It is well documented that patients of color face greater obstacles to obtaining sexual and reproductive health care than non-Hispanic white Americans – a pattern that results in worse health outcomes overall for BIPOC patients. Do you not only acknowledge systemic racism’s role in public health disparities but will you pursue policies that seek to rectify the historical harm of systemic racism and advance equitable access to health care?


I believe all American's must have the opportunity to Quality Health care!

There is a need for transgender specific and inclusive shelters and housing options that are coordinated and supported by Continuums of Care (CoCs). What can you do to ensure people who identify as transgender, who experience homelessness and who are precariously housed at higher rates than any other population, have dedicated homelessness and housing services to address their urgent needs?


All Americans must have housing!

LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately represented and undercounted and under supported in child welfare and juvenile justice. Do you support the implementation of LGBTQ+ specific policies and procedures that enforce the need for comprehensive data collection, tailored family reunification services, improved policies and procedures and a transparent and easy to access grievance process for LGBTQ+ youth?


All Americans must have the same opportunities.

We have seen rental rates increasing at a very alarming rate, in some instances upwards of 30%. How do you see the County Commission taking action to keep Nevadans in their homes and not being priced out?


There are issues with non- Nevada property owners taking advantage of renters. We must limit the cost or return application fees and raise taxes non-Nevada resident home owners!

Nevada has one of the largest shares of federal public land of any state in the country, providing important wildlife habitat, places to hunt, camp, fish and hike, and acting as the foundation of a billion dollar outdoor industry. Even so, some lawmakers have promoted policies that seek wholesale transfer of federal ownership of our national lands to states. A) Would you support or oppose these land transfer policies? B) Would should the State of Nevada’s role be in the management and ownership of federal land?


States hold the power in America! We are the United States of America! The Federal government must release all assets, unless it is in the best interest of National Security!

State investments in conservation provide resources for a wide range of public benefit, like the management of wildlife and state land, and the creation and maintenance of trails and other recreational facilities. In 2019, the Legislature approved $217 million of bonding authority for conservation purposes, including for the acquisition of land for new state parks. A) Do you support or oppose state investment in conservation? B) Has Nevada’s investment in land conservation been too little, too much, or about right, and how would you change it?

This is a bigger issue, we must audit to see what Nevadan's 217 million is actual paying for!

How will the county ensure that low-income communities of color and impacted communities are centered when writing county climate plans?

All Americans are impacted by county climate plans! We must stop dividing Americans and embrace our diversity!

How will the county address decades of environmental injustices that have placed low-income communities of color in the most polluted and hottest neighborhoods?


I will identify the root causes and come together with all communities to solve issue that effect Americans quality of life!

Will you practice a just transition approach to Nevada’s clean energy & sustainability plans while holding accountable those who must consult and collaborate with Nevada’s Tribal Nations on decisions which may negatively impact their indigenous lifeways?


We are All Americans! This is our home and our diversity is our strength! I will work with all American communities to identify and problem solve!

What is your knowledge of the unique needs facing the “urban Native American” diaspora residing in southern Nevada?


We are All Americans! This is our home and our diversity is our strength! I will work with all American communities to identify and problem solve!

What is your stance on transitioning to all paper ballot elections? And the hand count of paper ballots?What is your knowledge of the unique needs facing the “urban Native American” diaspora residing in southern Nevada?


All ballots must be verified! The electronic systems have proven to be easily compromised! Americans must be held accountable for Voter fraud!

How will you resist official or unofficial, public or private pressure to alter, manipulate, or baselessly reject the results of an election?


We must restore the Democratic integrity of America. Most American's have no faith in the voting system or holding officials accountable for fraud!

How will you resist and counteract official or unofficial, public or private disinformation concerning the results of an election?


Americans have the right to say what they wish! The news media must to do a better job of putting out the actual facts not political propaganda!