Timothy Treffinger

Timothy Treffinger

Timothy Treffinger






Clark County District Attorney

Campaign Contact Phone: 702-333-5594

Website: www.Treffinger4Nevada.com

Facebook: n/a

Twitter: @Treffinger4Nevada

2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


I want to bring conservative values back to the office, and bring equality and consistency to the decisions made by the DA's office. There has been a significant lack of leadership, and I intend to be on the front lines prosecuting cases and interacting with my deputies to ensure that my policies are being followed and that they are making a difference.

As a new District Attorney, what steps would you take in you take to overturn past convictions for marijuana offenses?

I would take any steps allowable by our statutes to overturn these convictions.

What steps would you take as District Attorney to decline to prosecute offenses associated with poverty, health, and lifestyle such as failure to pay fines, prostitution, shoplifting, etc.?


Traffic infractions will be treated as civil infractions, we will not prosecute blocking the sidewalk/park bench/etc. infractions that target the homeless.

District attorneys work closely with law enforcement officers to prosecute cases. They are also charged with investigating and prosecuting officers misconduct cases. Do you agree that this presents a conflict for the DA’s office? If so, what changes would you implement to protect against this conflict and build community trust?


I do not believe there should be a conflict. All crimes, no matter who they are committed by, should be equally investigated by the District Attorney's office. I intend to be completely transparent and turn over all (unless forbidden by statute) body cam of these incidents, as well as all relevant statistics. With full transparency hopefully we can build back community trust.

Knowing that the death penalty is exorbitantly expensive, racially discriminatory, and does not promote true healing for victims family members, do you support its abolition and do you think ending the death penalty is a crucial part of criminal justice reform?


I do not support ending the death penalty in Nevada. I believe this is a specialized tool that should not see wide application, it is only for the worst of the worst cases. My office would only utilize the death penalty in this manner and it would be saved for these specific cases. I believe we all can agree that had the Route 91 shooter survived, cases like his should be considered for seeking the death penalty.

How would you fight against disproportionate criminalization of people of color?


By holding myself and my staff accountable for fair, consistent, and equal prosecution of cases under the law. By providing relevant statistics to show if the office is not following this policy.

How will your office improve and build trusting relationships within the community to provide education on the duties and resources the DA’s office can provide to residents of Clark county?


I will have a true open door policy, I will meet with any and all community members, agencies, etc. who wish to engage with the DA's office. We will have a community presence at community events in order to build trust and relationships in the community.

What policies and procedures would you follow as DA to foster transparency and monitor your office for racial and gender bias in sentencing?


We will track statistics and make these statistics available to the public with yearly reports, we will require consistency in charging decisions, plea agreements, and any other statistics that will help identify these problems and address them.