Alexis Salt

Alexis Salt

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Alexis Kathleen  

for Trustee, Clark County School District E


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Phone number: 7027279406


Twitter: @hufflepufflady @SaltforTrustee





Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


I am a 14 year veteran of the Clark County School District and I've taught in every type of school we have in our county, including a rural. I have attended board meetings as an advocate and activist for the past 5 years. I understand what we can standardize across the district and what is best left to local control. I know what is wrong in our public schools because I work in our public schools, and I know the steps that need to be taken to help our kids and staff thrive.


What are your views on providing age-appropriate, medically-accurate, culturally-inclusive sex-ed to Nevada’s students?


I believe that all students deserve access to medically accurate sex-ed in CCSD, and I am in favor or the opt-out model.


If elected, what strategies or policies can be implemented to keep racially-based threats and other discriminatory behaviors out of our schools to keep our children safe?


Lead by example, first and foremost. As a board member I will seek out implicit bias training, if not provided by the district, and be vocal in my support. We need to talk with students and staff as a district to understand where these threats are coming from at each school so that we can deal with them at the root cause.

My daughter participated in a program called Challenge Day at her school (Leavitt MS) and she said it was "life changing" and I would like to explore it further.

With every issue we face, one of my best strategies is to go to places that are dealing with issues well and see what can be implemented district-wide.


What do you believe is the best approach to ensure all of Nevada’s children have access to a quality education?


Advocacy. Sadly, our work is never done. We need more per-pupil funding in Nevada, and to get that it has been made clear that CCSD must prove that we are good stewards of that money. We may have to prove that our finances are dire with an audit and take our case to the voters.


What steps should be taken to ensure the safety of Nevada’s children in our schools and communities? How would you specifically address the potential for gun violence in our schools?


This is what keeps me up at night as both a teacher and as a parent. As a Trustee, I am unsure how I can legislate anything that will curb gun violence, but I will be at every rally and every meeting trying to keep our kids safe.

As a career educator I feel that I can explain to legislators and voters the fear and trauma that the constant threat of gun violence causes our students -and how that fear and trauma impact achievement.


How should Nevada address the ongoing difficulties to effectively and equitably fund public schools across the diverse landscape of the state? How will you use your position to address this issue?


I see it as the job of the Trustee to advocate for the children of Clark County-but never at the expense of other children. I will use my position and my voice to advocate for more funding, and for funding for programs like Zoom and Victory schools that we KNOW have a big impact on our kids here. I think that it is the job of the Trustees of other districts to do the same for their kiddos.


What do you see as the government’s role in providing students with access to different education choices (including magnet programs, charter schools, homeschooling, etc) to meet a variety of unique needs? What standards do you think should apply across schooling options?



I am a loud and proud advocate for public education! We have such limited resources for education in this state, that I don't see how splitting a small pie even smaller helps anyone. I think that parents absolutely have the right now home-school their children or send them to private schooling at their own expense.



What are the biggest issues facing the education community in Nevada, and how do you propose to solve them?


Lack of equity across our schools, hands down. This pandemic has shown us that often times our schools don't have equal and equitable resources, and that our kids in the poorest neighborhoods tend to suffer the most because of this. As a Trustee I will advocate for all schools to go 1 to 1 and for effort and resources to be put into creating online classrooms for all students and all schools in case there is another disruption in learning where we have to go into another online learning situation.


How can Nevada disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline to ensure that students are not prematurely introduced to the criminal justice system?



We need to stop running our schools like jails. Teachers and staff need training on Restorative Justice and other programs that can help reduce the number of discipline infractions that students are given at school. We also need to work with families to help with parenting tweens and teens.

At the district level we can also help by giving kids things to do in their off time that interests them. I worked for After School All Stars for a few years, and the impact that program had on the kids at my school was tremendous. Working with schools to develop after school programs that engage all kids, not just the athletes, is a must. ui



How should our schools address gender-diverse policies to ensure the safety of all Nevada’s students?



Education, education, education! People tend to fear what they don't know and what they don't understand. I am of the opinion that we need to educate our students on what it means to be gender-diverse.

I think it is equally, if not more important, to teach our students how to disagree in polite civilization. As adults, students will have to work with people from all walks of life, with many of which they will not see eye to eye. Teaching students how to have a mutually respectful, productive relationship with a person they do not agree with is an absolutely essential College and Career Ready skill.



Across Nevada, Spanish speaking parents struggle to receive assistance and attention in their children’s schools because many schools with high Latino student populations fail to provide bilingual front office staff readily available to assist parents. What is your position on passing legislation that would offer schools with significant Latino and ELL (English Language Learner) student populations funding to hire bilingual staff designated for parental engagement in the school’s administrative office?



9 of my 14 years were spent at Jim Bridger MS, a heavily Latino school. I saw first hand the difficulty in communication and the direct impact that difficulty had on students and their ability to reach their full potential. I would support, and advocate for, any legislation that made education easier for our bilingual students, including this one.

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