Jeff Church

Jeff Church

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for Trustee, Washoe County School District A


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Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” (AE)

Leadership is what the board desperately needs and I’m the best, most educated, most experienced problem solver candidate. The schools are failing, ACT scores dropped to where most students can;t even get into Community College. They can get into McDonalds. Unacceptable.

As a retired USAF Officer, retired Reno Police Supervisor and a nationwide instructor; I’m the “Get ‘er done” leader for the job. I hold two college degrees, one with honors. I taught recruiting nationwide including teacher recruiting. Nevada is struck on stupid in that area. No wonder we rank last in education nationwide. A qualified happy teacher equates to improved student performance.

I believe we need new oversight and no incumbent should be re-elected. Do other candidates have real solutions like I do or just soft talk to avoid really answering your concerns.


What are your views on providing age-appropriate, medically-accurate, culturally-inclusive sex-ed to Nevada’s students?


I have studied and attended the SHARE (Sex Ed) Committee and am happy with the program but for some minor tweaks. I bet I[m the only candidate that has! I think it great tat WCSD has this committee and any parent or concerned citizen can attend and offer input.


If elected, what strategies or policies can be implemented to keep racially-based threats and other discriminatory behaviors out of our schools to keep our children safe?


We have a policy and need to be sure it is fairly and strongly enforced. I believe in fair and firm discipline. Some are offended by the term discipline. I'm not. Not 'avoid the question' answer there! Coming from a minority heritage I understand.


What do you believe is the best approach to ensure all of Nevada’s children have access to a quality education?


May I wrote a book? I see three main issues, hard to rank: Student safety, improving the failing system and fiscal responsibility. All go hand in hand.

Addressing the system, did you know our ACT scores fell from 22 to 17.9 consistently since 2001. By all accounts Nevada and thus Washoe rank last or near last in education nationwide. I have plans although as a team player we need to research and act . We need major change and strategic planning to change this, not baby steps. My plans include teacher recruiting, dealing with the ESL system, and a special concern is At-Risk kids. At Risk doesn’t end at 2 PM or on Fridays. WCSD refuses to address community needs in partnership with local governments and agencies. I have a plan. But any candidate that has al the answers is telling you they are not a team player. There are 7 members of the Trustee Team and they must work with the staff, unions, parents, community, and local governments on solutions. That said, research, collaborate and act swiftly. Think Outside the Box! Be innovative!


What steps should be taken to ensure the safety of Nevada’s children in our schools and communities? How would you specifically address the potential for gun violence in our schools?


As a retired Police Sergeant I attended the Safety Committee and understand student safety issues. Did you know that WCSD has their own police department? Before that Reno PD had jurisdiction. My expertise will help with oversight of that function more than any other candidate. Unfortunately that committee ignored an area I have training in: Environmental design. School Safety has about a dozen components from early warning to 'what if". Modern technology should be addressed. I have extensive training in "Active Shooter". I hold two degrees in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement. My USAF Intel background also addresses this. No one more qualified than me.


How should Nevada address the ongoing difficulties to effectively and equitably fund public schools across the diverse landscape of the state? How will you use your position to address this issue?


Most funding is at the state level but WCSD can reach out to state representatives. Locally, easy answer: New taxes is NOT the answer. Repeal and Replace the 2016 WC1 to adjust the sales tax to 7.99% and allow the Trustees to use that money for any purpose such as hiring new teachers. Currently that money is restricted to building only. With the downturn we are seeing falling enrollment. We have new buildings and no funding for a single new teacher to put in them! Insanity (over and over).


What do you see as the government’s role in providing students with access to different education choices (including magnet programs, charter schools, homeschooling, etc) to meet a variety of unique needs? What standards do you think should apply across schooling options?



We are blessed with a wonderful University system in Nevada- one that most WCSD graduates don't qualify for (about a "21" ACT needed vs 17.9 for WCSD). My point is we have folks working on Masters and PhD thesis that can be put to work studying options. On this or any WCSD related issue. And it's FREE! I'm open to any innovative idea that helps but I have ideas that don't require such programs.Ideas that support teachers and work!



What are the biggest issues facing the education community in Nevada, and how do you propose to solve them?


The failing system! By any measure Nevada and Washoe failing, at bottom of list. I think I previously addressed this: As a team player: research and act . Major change and strategic planning not a few feel good actions, not baby steps. Teacher Recruiting and Retention; dealing with the ESL system, dealing with 24-7-365 At-Risk kids. A partnership with staff, unions, parents, community, and local governments on solutions. Research, collaborate and act swiftly. Think Outside the Box innovative solutions. We have nothing to lose!


How can Nevada disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline to ensure that students are not prematurely introduced to the criminal justice system?



I care! I ran as board president a 501c3 Homeless Center. As a retired Reno PD Sergeant I saw it first hand daily. WCSD needs to change their closed minded thinking to realize that the issues don't end at 2 PM. I have a sad but telling email from an trustee explaining that the problem was off campus and nothing they could do! That is the attitude I seek to change in partnership with the whole -24-7-365 community. Now, let me give you one idea worth researching (Remember those UNR Master thesis students?- Free research): Many of our nation's elite attended Boarding schools. Why only the elite? Boarding Schools or in-residence academies maybe a military style or a softer approach but let's study it here for at Risk kids (and do it). Hard to achieve if you are homeless, parents in prison, shuffled from foster home to foster home. A 24-7-365 caring facility- perhaps with the benefits of remote location and all that nature offers, can guide and help At Risk but not as a prison, only for those that want to achieve!



How should our schools address gender-diverse policies to ensure the safety of all Nevada’s students?



I believe in equal rights. I addressed safety earlier.



Across Nevada, Spanish speaking parents struggle to receive assistance and attention in their children’s schools because many schools with high Latino student populations fail to provide bilingual front office staff readily available to assist parents. What is your position on passing legislation that would offer schools with significant Latino and ELL (English Language Learner) student populations funding to hire bilingual staff designated for parental engagement in the school’s administrative office?



As a Spanish Speaker (I could answer in Espanol), I get it but tell me this. Where will that funding come from? What program will you cut to fund it? No new taxes! No to state mandated legislation, we can do it internally and the question assumes we don't have that in place. Yes 100% to parental involvement and prodding them as needed. Yes to re-examining our ESL program. Yes to realizing this is a 24-7-365 issue.

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