Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Teresa F  Benitez-Thompson 

Democrat for Nevada State Assembly District 27


Candidate contact information:

Email address: ElectTeresa@gmail.com

Phone number: 775-247-7665

Facebook: Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Twitter: @Assemblywoman27

Website: ElectTeresa@gmail.com 





Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.:


I want to shape public policy and influence the legislative process to benefit working families.


What policies would you pursue to diversify the state’s economy and create new jobs that pay a living wage?


I want to examine our tax abatement structure to ensure the state has a mutually beneficial financial gain. Some abatements are do not feel reciprocal in terms of community benefit. A living wage is part of that conversation, and one I have always asked about when it comes to economic benefits packages awarded by the state.


The 2019 Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Joint Resolution 10 (AJR 10) to amend the Nevada Constitution to remove the two-tiered minimum wage system and ensure a set minimum wage of $12. What are your views on passing AJR 10 in the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session to put it on the ballot in 2022?:


I support it and voted for it.


In 2019, Nevada joined the US Climate Alliance and took aggressive steps to address climate change by increasing our Renewable Portfolio Standard and encourage a shift to clean energy sources such as solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind. What policies do you support to continue this effort, particularly in the transportation sector?


I supported the increase in the RPS. I also supported the pilot program to allow DMV to collect data on driver's miles.


How can the State work with localities to address the housing and homelessness crisis we are currently facing? Specifically, what measures or policies can we enact to make housing more affordable for all Nevadans?


I wrote and passed legislation to re-establish the affordable housing committee, and granted them a bill draft resolution (BDR). The intent being that the housing community will always have a vehicle to have a voice in the legislative process. I also wrote and supported legislation to empower more transparent dialogue on the use of Private Activity Bonds.


If elected, do you support bold enhancements to the existing paid sick days law?


I support legation that will have a meaningful impact on families, and their checkbooks.


With the possibility of the Affordable Care Act being repealed by the Supreme Court, including the Medicaid expansion and protections on coverage for preexisting conditions, what should be done to address the way in which Nevadans get access to affordable health care?



I have supported and championed such measures in Nevada. For example, comprehensive contraceptive coverage by private insurance plans. I also voted for Nevada law to retain protections for those individuals with pre-existing conditions.



The United States has become the most dangerous place in the world for a woman to give birth, especially black women. For every 100,000 live births, 42 women die. What policies would you support to protect pregnant mothers?


Strong resources and funding, including Medicaid state plan amendments for greater post-partum coverage.


In 2019, Nevada state family planning grant funding was increased by way of legislation. What additional measures do you believe are still needed to ensure families have equitable access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care?



In this fiscal environment, I believe protecting that investment is most important.



What do you believe is the best approach to ensure all of Nevada’s children have equal access to a quality public education? How do we address the significant education funding shortfall?



As a member of the education funding subcommittee, I advocated for increased funding in k-12 budgets during the 2017 and 2019 legislative sessions. I also voted for a broad based revenue increase in the 2015 session.



The majority of Nevada’s children are children of color, and many families have been affected by current immigration policies, incarceration, and criminal sentencing policies. How would you work to address these issues to provide opportunities to all Nevadans?



I have supported numerous pieces of legislation for to create a safe and supportive Nevada for these (my) families. I was among the first group of Latinas to be elected to the Nevada Legislature in 2010. In my sophomore session, I became one of the first Latinas to Chair a committee (Government Affairs). My community is my heart, and I lead by example to create change for us.



What are your views on the use of Nevada’s financial resources to support the deportation efforts of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency?



I would oppose state general fund dollars being used for such purpose.



In 2019, Nevada significantly expanded voting rights and accessibility to voting locations. What additional measures, if any, are needed to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and integrity of elections?



I was a primary co-sponsor of this legislation. Barriers should not stand between the voters and the ballot box. The right to vote is a franchise we have long fought for.



What are your positions on legislation to address gun violence prevention?



I voted for the measures we passed last session, which were measured and reasonable.



What are your views on regulating marijuana within the state of Nevada?


The voters spoke, and we have new economy and industry to regulate. State audits have found that additional oversight is needed in order to protect consumers.


Nevada has one of the largest shares of public land of any state in the country, providing access for a variety of recreational and commercial uses. How would you address the issues related to public lands and their continued future uses?


Keep Public land public.


Nevada is experiencing a more than a decade long drought. What is your position on addressing climate change and protecting Nevada’s water supply?



Nevada is not presently in a drought, and has not been in a drought for the past 2 years, according the drought monitor. However, we have to always be cautious of our most precious resource, WATER.

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