Eugene Michael Pawley III

Eugene Michael Pawley III

Eugene Michael Pawley III



AD 17




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2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


It simply boils down to I want to be my districts voice. Most Nevadan's cant afford to live in Nevada anymore. Each day it gets harder and harder to pay for basic necessities. It cost more to go to work than what is paid. While those in power simply ignore us. We must be heard and steps taken so that we are. I'm prior military. I've lead many projects while in. I'm also a political science major with a Homeland Security honor society.

Would you support allocating more state funds to help DACA recipients to help with higher education?

Yes, They are here now and the best way to help them acquire a job with a decent wage would be to give them College assistance. This would help our economy and fill vacant jobs. It could possible set precedent for future educational programs for other Nevadan citizens.

How will the state fight the growing issue of homelessness that is increasing in our communities and use funds to expand on shelters for these community members?


This is one of the main reasons I am running. I see to many of Nevada's citizens lose homes or apartments because they can not afford them. But to answer the first question I would definitely expand shelters, community centers and food banks. I will get programs to teach unemployed Nevadans new skills to get better paying jobs. As well I would also try to implement housing and rental caps so Banks and Landlords cant upcharge Nevada citizens.

Nevada has historically protected the right to abortion, including protecting the right in statute 30 years ago by a vote of the people. However, there remain barriers to access in the state. Do you support not only the right to abortion but policies that improve equitable access to abortion care?


No, Sorry I'm not pro abortion. If its what the people of my district want I would vote as their representative the way they would want me to. But its not my top priority and I would not go out of my way to do anything about it.

The state of Nevada is facing an unprecedented shortage of health care providers – a problem that impacts every area of medicine, including the provision of sexual and reproductive care. Do you support removing the physician-only requirement and allowing advanced practice clinicians (APCs) to provide this vital care to patients with training and certification?


I agree that with the right training and certifications it could possibly be done. That being said I believe that their pay should reflect the extra duties they could be doing at that time.

It is well documented that patients of color face greater obstacles to obtaining sexual and reproductive health care than non-Hispanic white Americans – a pattern that results in worse health outcomes overall for BIPOC patients. Do you not only acknowledge systemic racism’s role in public health disparities but will you pursue policies that seek to rectify the historical harm of systemic racism and advance equitable access to health care?


Systemic racism’s role in public health disparities is one thing. Abortion is another. I would fight that for a more equal healthcare system but I would not go out of my way to use tax payer money on abortion.

Knowing that the death penalty is exorbitantly expensive, racially discriminatory, and does not promote true healing for victims family members, do you support its abolition and do you think ending the death penalty is a crucial part of criminal justice reform?


No, Sorry I'm personally I'm pro death penalty. While more can be done about the things listed above. (expensive, racially discriminatory, Healing for victims) Some evil needs to be ended permanently. Again If its what the people of my district want I would vote as their representative the way they would want me to. But its not my top priority and I would not go out of my way to do anything to end the death penalty.

True Colors United, a national organization that implements innovative solutions to youth homelessness that focus on the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ young people continues to rate Nevada as critically low, for its State Index on Youth Homelessness (in collaboration with the National Homelessness Law Center) that ranks and scores laws and policies related to preventing and addressing youth homelessness in the United States. Are you willing to support legislation that helps to fund and provide oversight regulations to youth homelessness services?


Of course as I mentioned previously homelessness and poverty is one of my main goals to tackle if elected. I don't mind putting money towards programs to combat homelessness of any age.

Anti-transgender bills are being introduced across the United States that attempt to prevent trans people from having access to health care, gender reassignment surgery, and access to sports in schools. Do you support transgender equality and access to healthcare and an athletic school experience?


Sorry, but no not for minors. I don't support transitioning children. I'm also against trans athletes competing in uneven playing fields. For the third time If its what the people of my district want whether for or against it. I would vote as their representative the way they would want me to. But this isn't its not my top priority and I would not go out of my way to do anything to support transitioning minors.

We have seen rental rates increasing at a very alarming rate, in some instances upwards of 30%. How do you see the Nevada Legislature taking action to keep Nevadans in their homes and not being priced out?

As mentioned before one piece of legislator I'm looking at is housing and rental cap laws. This way we can keep rental rates with similar wage rates.

Nevada has one of the largest shares of federal public land of any state in the country, providing important wildlife habitat, places to hunt, camp, fish and hike, and acting as the foundation of a billion dollar outdoor industry. Even so, some lawmakers have promoted policies that seek wholesale transfer of federal ownership of our national lands to states. A) Would you support or oppose these land transfer policies? B) Would should the State of Nevada’s role be in the management and ownership of federal land?

I oppose transfer of federally protected land. If it is transferred to the State of Nevada I don't believe it should be sold again. I think states should maintain the conservation of these lands and the wildlife that lives there.

State investments in conservation provide resources for a wide range of public benefit, like the management of wildlife and state land, and the creation and maintenance of trails and other recreational facilities. In 2019, the Legislature approved $217 million of bonding authority for conservation purposes, including for the acquisition of land for new state parks. A) Do you support or oppose state investment in conservation? B) Has Nevada’s investment in land conservation been too little, too much, or about right, and how would you change it?


I one-hundred percent support conservation of natural parks and investment towards it. Currently I think Nevada has a great park system but more can be done for water conservation. We must maintain our natural parks for future generations.


Would you support addressing public health disparities in Nevada’s diverse Spanish speaking population by funding a “Promotores de Salud” program through the Nevada Office of New Americans that provides year round, culturally competent education and community engagement in Spanish on public health issues?


Nevada has one of the largest Spanish speaking communities being about 30%. So more must be done obviously to facilitate that. So I would have no issue funding a community health workers for the Latin community.


What are you doing to center communities of color and low-income communities in your work, and how do you ensure that equity is part of every decision you make?

I'm currently a full time student. But I am doing volunteer work with my fraternity and church. Supporting members of the Homeless, Latin, Filipino and Indigenous communities.

The APIA community faces the largest unmet financial needs when it comes to higher education. Nevada has the highest student loan default rate in the country. In Nevada, there are 333,100 student loan borrowers, $11.5 Billion in student loan debt, and $34,700 in average debt per borrower. What policies can we implement to ensure students and families are protected from predatory lenders and undue financial burdens?

We can expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness relief program to that of a state level as well as federal program. This is a program that once a borrower makes 120 qualifying on-time payments, the remaining loan balance is discharged. Nevada Nevada only has one state program. The "Nevada Health Service Corps" more can be done about this.

Latinx communities are extremely concerned about the drought and ongoing water shortages. What would you do to ensure our families have a sustainable water supply, not just now but also future generations?


I would vote on water conservation policies to help prevent the continued drainage of Lake Mead. As well as urge my other assembly members to vote on a policy that renegotiates the water rights of lake mead.


One out of seven people in Clark County are food insecure. What policies would you propose to ensure people are not residing in food deserts and have access to healthy food and water sources?


Expand the scope of the Southern Nevada Food Council to help increase service providers and facilities within at risk communities to obtain healthy food options and water to those in need.