All the candidates on your ballot matter! Often times the state and local elected officials have a bigger impact on our everyday lives. Take a moment and learn more about the candidates up for election this November, and see how every vote on your ballot makes a difference. Don’t just stop at the top!


Serves as the head of state of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government, serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and is responsible for the execution and enforcement of laws created by Congress

US Congress

Votes on federal laws and budgets, including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, national defense, transportation, and more.


Votes on state laws and sets our state budget priorities. Issues include funding schools and roads, criminal justice, voting rules, taxes, and more.

County Commission

In charge of local services and parks, police and public safety, bus system, water, zoning/development, roadways, and other issues.


Judges oversee criminal, family, and civil trials and lawsuits.


Education candidates include Regents, who set policies and approve budgets for the state’s public system of higher education, School District Trustees who manage K-12 schools, and the State Board of Education, which designs policies and regulations and works with communities to promote student achievement in the state

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