Nancy Brune

Nancy Brune

Nancy Brune


Las Vegas Ward 6

Campaign Contact Phone: 7024684044




2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


Las Vegas holds a special place in my heart. Las Vegas is home to so many things which trigger a source of deep pride:– our beautiful landscapes, our unique history, the rich cultural diversity of our people, and the tremendous innovation and wealth that makes us a top global destination.

But as I look around, I believe that our city has lost its way.

We have a housing crisis that is affecting everyone regardless of income. Seniors and veterans who served our country are being forced to choose between paying for their prescriptions or paying rent. Violent crime is rising. Families and even the business community have lost confidence in our school district. And the increasing cost of daily life is eating into hard-earned wages of workers.

In the face of growing economic anxiety, some of our politicians spend more time fighting on social media and fueling extreme partisan allegiances than working on a strategy for our collective future. Others avoid taking on these big, wicked problems because they are focused on winning their next office.

We must do better for our neighbors, for our children, for our grandchildren. For me, this race isn’t about the next election. It’s about the next generation. I am running to lead the charge for doing better for our community and bringing a voice of reason and policy innovation to city hall.

As the founder and leader of the state's only bipartisan policy center, I am uniquely qualified to work across party lines and to identify sound policies and common sense solutions.

How would you improve the City’s resources and assistance for people experiencing homelessness?

1. Apply for federal grants to secure more federal assistance for housing and homeless support services. 2. Build more permanent supportive housing. 3. Launch a community development corporation. 4. Work with the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority to introduce more policy innovation.

If elected to this position, how would you help better allocate the city budget to help improve the city school system?


The City does not traditionally have a significant role in education policy. However, the City could help strengthen employer engagement to provide more work-based learning opportunities for students. The City should continue to offer its programs to support our youth (e.g., Batteries Included), wrap-around supports, and after school programming.

Do you support the implementation of a Human Rights Commission to address, study, and mediate possible and actual discrimination in your jurisdiction?



What role do you see the city council playing in addressing rising housing costs and rising rent?


Addressing rising housing costs and rising rents is going to require a multi-pronged strategy that involves numerous stakeholders. The City Council has an important role to play in laying out a vision, bringing stakeholders together, leading and facilitating conversations, and identifying and implementing common-sense solutions, in partnership with others.

Describe your views on supporting electric city vehicles and working towards reducing the city’s carbon footprint whenever possible?


I support electric city vehicles and efforts to reduce the city' carbon footprint.

What policies do you see as valuable to address inequality and to increase social mobility for residents?


1. Launch community development corporation. 2. Improve alignment between education and workforce development systems (and expand apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, and CTE programs). 3. Expand access to capital to start businesses and purchase homes. 4. Increase the stock of workforce housing. 5. Improve our K-12 educational system.

Describe your relationship with unions or other labor organizations and how you, if elected, would work to ensure working people have a seat at the table in economic or workforce development projects?


I have collaborated with organized labor groups on several projects. If elected, I would continue to govern the way I have led in my professional career -- by engaging with all stakeholders to ensure representation and to understand their interests and concerns.

What do you see as the most important initiative that you would like to see implemented in the community if you were elected to this position?


Establishment of community development corporation. Greater regional collaboration to secure more federal grants. Increase of housing stock.

If elected, how do you plan to address climate inequity in the city of Las Vegas amid rising temperatures?

I recently authored a report that examined the impact of extreme heat on vulnerable communities in Southern Nevada. Some of the recommendations I proposed were: a) installation of misters and water-bottle refilling stations at bus stops; b) installation of water bottle refilling stations at schools (including our older schools); c) establishment of fund to help low-income households repair broken/inefficient car air conditioning systems.