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2022 Questionnaire

Please share briefly what inspired you to run for this office and why you feel you’re qualified for the position.


America must take back authorities taken from them by our greedy, ambitious, politicians. The US Govt has no authority inside the States. My mission is to restore that sovereign status to the States.

With Nevada being a large manufacturer of ‘ghost guns’, or self-assembled firearm kits increasingly being found at violent crime scenes, how should we stop ‘ghost guns’ from being purchased by children and other prohibited persons?

I disagree with most efforts to regulate our 2nd Amendment. Even 'ghost' guns. The true purpose of our 2nd Amendment is for revolt, if needed. We should be very mindful of that while contemplating any weapons laws.

What policies would you propose for dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our state’s economy?


Information and advisement only. In a free country, there can be no mandates or other edicts from a government entity. All those that were put in place are criminal in nature.

Our mining laws were written 150 years ago for pick and shovel miners and are out of touch with modern industrial mining. How should we update the 1872 Mining Law to address modern practices?


I am running for Federal office. How Nevada chooses to address this is their business, not mine. However, I generally oppose any regulatory laws which are meant only to control peoples lives.

Nevada has historically protected the right to abortion, including protecting the right in statute 30 years ago by a vote of the people. However, there remain barriers to access in the state. Do you support not only the right to abortion but policies that improve equitable access to abortion care?


I support the Right of anyone when it comes to their own personal being. (SCOTUS in Roe v. Wade, "A person has SOLE DOMINION over their own physical being"). But no taxpayer funds should be allocated to such functions. Abortions should be legal, but not on the taxpayers dime. So, yes, then no to your two-stage question.

Comprehensive, age and developmentally appropriate, medically-accurate, inclusive sex education has been proven to improve students’ long-term health outcomes, yet it is not required that students be provided with this information in their sex-ed programs. Do you believe that public school sex-ed programs should be comprehensive, medically accurate, and inclusive?


I disagree that the premise is 'proven'. Before this can be answered, I need to see your 'proof'. However, I generally feel that anything sexual, or gender related ought to be taught at home, by the parents or legal guardians, and NOT in public schools. Particularly with the 'interpretations' we are now hearing.

It is well documented that patients of color face greater obstacles to obtaining sexual and reproductive health care than non-Hispanic white Americans – a pattern that results in worse health outcomes overall for BIPOC patients. Do you not only acknowledge systemic racism’s role in public health disparities but will you pursue policies that seek to rectify the historical harm of systemic racism and advance equitable access to health care?


There is no 'systemic racism' in America. That is a falseho0od perpetuated by the democrat Party, thus causing more racism. America rid itself of that after MLK. Therefore, once again, I disagree with your premise. This is a very leading question and needs to be removed or re-written.

Knowing that the death penalty is exorbitantly expensive, racially discriminatory, and does not promote true healing for victims family members, do you support its abolition?


I have NEVER supported permitting any government to use Capital Punishment, for ANY reason. However, once again, your question is improperly put. The death penalty is NOT a racist function. That part of your question is out of line.

What will you do to support the initiatives of Nevada’s 27 Tribal Nations and communities, many of which are located in rural areas and lack access to basic needs including full health care, fresh food / clean water and broadband services?


According to our treaties with them, they are on their own to develop their own society as they see fit. Before we just start gifting them tax dollars, find out why this situation exists, first. Meaning, why haven't they stepped up for themselves?

How would you use your office to strengthen the rights of the undocumented population and their access to their legal protections, critical public services, and quality of life?

I feel anyone that comes here to work is worth investing. Once they enter the workforce and pay taxes, they should be part of America. So, in this case, yes. But NOT for this recent surge brought in only to sway the next election.

Would you support policies that provide status protections to immigrant workers who are organizing and exercising their workplace rights?

Yes and no. NO to any government mandated 'protections', and yes to employer oversight. Our governments need to back out of regulatory legislation and let people live.

What is your position on universal background checks for firearm sales and other policies to address gun violence in this country?

Not until they assimilate. Migrants who remain with a nationality OTHER than the US cannot participate in collective bargaining inside the US. Become a citizen, then fine.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, The Every Child Deserves a Family Act (ECDFA) would prohibit any child welfare agency receiving federal financial assistance from discriminating against any potential foster or adoptive family on the basis of religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. In addition, ECDFA would prevent discrimination against any foster youth because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Do you support the Every Child Deserves a Family Act?

I do not object to the background checks, but there is criteria built into those that are unfair and thoughtless of the true purpose of our 2nd Amendment. Our Two Parties fail to describe the 2nd as our method of removing the Federal Govt. Until that is the primary interpretation, I dislike allowing or government to regulate ANYTHING regarding weapons. Besides, the gun violence stems from OTHER bad laws. Can you say the War on Drugs as the primary cause of this issue?

Do you support the GLOBE Act, which would, according to the Human Rights Campaign, build a framework into U.S. diplomacy to protect LGBTQ+ human rights worldwide. The bill would make preventing and responding to discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ+ community a foreign policy priority and permanently create a Special Envoy within the State Department to advise the Secretary of State on LGBTQ+ human rights issues. In addition to the permanent Special Envoy at the State Department, the GLOBE Act would establish an interagency group within the U.S. government tasked with responding to attacks on LGBTQ+ outside the United States, ensuring that the United States acts as a leader in defending LGBTQ+ equality worldwide.

Stop all 'federal finance assistance' immediately, and remove the payroll tax that permits such interference in State affairs. IF a State agency is found to be discriminatory, there are courts to handle those issues. I oppose ECDFA completely. This is NOT the Feds business.

Rep. Lee’s rewritten bill (formerly H.R. 1305) addresses the serious problem of discrimination in the use of criminal and civil laws against people who test positive for HIV. It would create incentives and support for states to reform their existing policies that use the criminal law to target people living with HIV for felony charges and severe punishment for behavior that is otherwise legal (such as consensual sex between adults) or that poses no measurable risk of HIV transmission. Thankfully, we modernized our HIV criminal laws in Nevada, do you support this effort at the federal level?

No. The US has no authority even inside our own States, let alone projected it across the globe. That policy is why we were attacked on 911, and will remain the primary cause of international terrorism aimed at the US. The US needs to stay out of other nations business. If the US dislikes certain human rights issues, then stop trading with those nations. Simple enough.

One Out of seven people in Clark County are food insecure. What policies would you propose to ensure people are not residing in food deserts and have access to healthy food and water sources?

I do not support any Federal involvement is State issues. That, in fact, is the biggest problem America faces. It seems that we can now only have the Fed fix anything? All it does is create more problems, so no. I am glad to hear that Nevada took step to address this issue, but leave the Fed out of it, please.